Prepper Lingo

One of the very first things I had to do as I began to research and learn more about prepping was to gain a better understanding and comprehension of the common language and lingo used among more experienced “preppers” and the prepping community.

Below is a list of common acronyms and definitions that you will undoubtedly come across as you begin learning about prepping. If you are familiar with military jargon and acronyms, some of these may look familiar to you as well.

These have been sorted in alphabetical order so that as you come across one of these terms, you can easily find it in the list below.

Common Terms and Acronyms

B.O.B. – Bug out Bag – A small bag of basic supplies and necessities that you can easily grab and carry, or that is left in your vehicle at all times in the event of an immediate need.

B.O.L. – Bug out Location – A safe place that you (and your family) can immediately retreat to in the event of an emergency or disaster.

B.O.V.Bug out Vehicle – Your preferred method of transportation.

Crunch – Term used to reference a long term catastrophe, disaster or emergency.

E.D.C.Every Day Carry – An item, tool or weapon that can be carried at all times and can be used for defense or survival.  (Ex. A multi-tool pocket knife or a concealed weapon)

E.O.T.W.End of the World

G.O.O.D. – Get out of Dodge – Vacating the more densely populated areas and seeking safety in less populated or rural areas.

G.O.O.D. KitGet out of Dodge Kit – This is synonymous with a Bug Out Bag (BOB)

N.C.H.Not Coming Home or Never Coming Home

N.C.H. PackNot/Never Coming Home Pack. Think of this as a BOB on steroids.  This is a bag or pack that has all of the tools you need for surviving outside of society. This pack would not include food and water, rather, it would carry tools to capture, catch or grow food, and build shelter. (Fishing line, hooks, paracord, fire starter, compass, seeds, etc.)

W.R.O.L.Without Rule of Law – Imagine an every man/woman for themselves society where there is no law and order.

M.R.E.Meal Ready to Eat – Individual, pre-packaged portion of food.  First designed and used by the military, these packages are perfect for your BOB.  They don’t require any preparation or cooking.

POLLY/POLLYANNA – An overly naive or optimistic person that completely dismisses the potential for disaster and does not make plans to prepare for survival.

PREPPER – Also called a “survivalist.” This describes people who are prepared for any sort of disaster or emergency or are working diligently to make preparations.

S.H.T.F.Sh!t Hits the Fan – this can be used to described any sort of disastrous or catastrophic event

S.P. – Survival Prepping

T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. The End of the World as We Know It

Y.O.Y.O.You’re on You’re Own – I think this one is pretty self explanatory!

ZOMBIE – Unlike a scene from World War Z or the Walking Dead, this does not actually refer to a bunch of lifeless corpses wandering around feeding on the living.  A zombie refers to a person who did not properly prepare for an emergency/disaster and seeks to leverage or “feed” off of those who are prepared.  Basically, a mooch, but potentially more violent due to the fact their very survival is at stake.